Zanzibar Holiday Safari

Zanzibar Holiday Safari
Zanzibar Holiday Safari

Zanzibar Holiday Safari

Have you ever wished to understand more about a holiday safari to Zanzibar, how it feels like and what Zanzibar can offer to your itinerary of countries you mark as a bucket list for your holidays, lest you worry, this article will do justice for you?

What is Zanzibar? How does it feel to have a holiday safari to Zanzibar?

The word Zanzibar refers to the archipelago, the island of Unguja, and also the urban Centre. The origin of the name is thought to have Persian or Arabic origin.

In Persian, the name is believed to have derived from the words “Zangh Bar” meaning “the negro coast”. In Arabic, the name is thought to come from the words ‘zayn z’al Barr’, meaning ‘fair is this land’

It costs the islands of Unguja (known as Zanzibar) and Pemba, along with a number of small islets. The archipelago is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania and separated from the mainland by a channel, which is approximately 36 kilometers wide at its narrow point

It has a rich history and was once one of the most important areas in East Africa. Following Vasco De Gama’s visit in 1499, Zanzibar was ruled by the Portuguese and remained this way for almost two centuries

The name alone is likely to conjure up images of spice markets, palm-fringed beaches, and white-sailed dhows on a turquoise sea – and happily, the reality doesn’t disappoint.

Lying only a short distance off the Tanzania coast but at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, Zanzibar has long been at the Centre of the Indian Ocean experience in East Africa and a Zanzibar holiday is a sensory experience par excellence.

Go on spice tours, taste local dishes, and walk the cobbled streets of the capital’s old quarter Stone Town, now a World Heritage Site buzzing with colorful back-street markets and local flavors.

And then of course there are the Zanzibar beaches: perfect for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a lazily luxurious beach vacation – Zanzibar and its outlying islands are home to some of the finest beaches in East Africa as well as a number of its best dive sites.

Zanzibar Holiday Safari
Zanzibar Holiday Safari

Where to Stay on a Zanzibar Holiday Safari

You won’t want somewhere to stay in either: one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations, Zanzibar has accommodation that ranges from luxury beachfront cottages to exclusive boutique hotels and elegant spa resorts; parents on the other hand will be delighted by Zanzibar’s family-friendly hotels and safe-swimming beaches.

Accessible from travel hub Dar es Salaam and combining easily with top Tanzania safari destinations such as the Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro Conservation Crater, Zanzibar can be part of a holiday safari and beach tour or as a stand-alone holiday.

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